Child Psychology

Need a Child Psychologist?

At Mind Profile, we understand the concerns of parents wanting to help their child overcome a variety of issues. Our FREE introductory session is a great opportunity for parents to meet with a psychologist and become familiar with our services.

Our psychologists are trained in child development and understand the unique approach that is needed when interacting with young clients. We also have fun and vibrant facilities specifically designed to create a child friendly atmosphere.

Child Assessment/Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are used by psychologists to assess and diagnose a variety of mental conditions or assess abilities relating to emotional, social, behavioural or educational difficulties.

They are often used to assess children in order to pinpoint areas of functioning which are causing difficulties. After administering a valid, reliable and standardized test the psychologist will work with the child, their parents and teachers to develop a treatment plan.

Social/Emotional Issues

Being able to navigate social environments and regulate emotions are important parts of development in children. Whilst many children are able to adapt to their surroundings, it is common for children to struggle, particularly when circumstances change.

At Mind Profile we can help your child develop skills and coping strategies so that social and emotional difficulties can be managed.


We often think of anxiety and depression as being  “grown-up” issues, but the reality is many children face such concerns of their own.

At Mind Profile we aim to use a strengths based approach, teaching your child to harness their abilities rather than focusing on weaknesses.

This is just a small sample of the areas we can work can work on with your child.
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